At the top of the admin panel you'll see a bar across the top where you can view the activity or context menu, buttons, search, and more depending on your access level, subscription, and device size. We call this bar the "DakBar". This bar can be shown on the front of your website to help you quickly edit or add pages. Additionally, it can be shown on the IDX side to create searches for your site or contacts.

You may also hear this referred to as DaknoBar, Admin Bar or something else. These all refer to what we typically call the DakBar.

DakBar: Admin

Admin version of DakBar

The DakBar in the Admin panel has options that change based on the context you're currently in. The above screenshot is from a content edit page but includes the main parts:

  1. Clicking this will always take you back to the dashboard of your current section. So if you want to get to the contact dashboard from a contact page, click this.
  2. These buttons change based on where you are in DaknoAdmin. The Save button will light up if you've made changes to the page that need to be saved.
  3. This lists your currently active conversations through Dakno Messenger. This is available only on a higher subscription tier or if you have a phone number assigned to you.
  4. The search allows you to quickly search across your site for specific contacts or page names. You can also press F to open it.
  5. This is the activity switcher, where you can switch between your current focus: Contacts, Content, DaknoIDX (if relevant), Settings, or Account.


Adding the DakBar to the front of your site

Website version of DakBar

Each time you log into your website you may need to activate the DakBar. There are a few ways to add the DakBar to your site:

  • On the bottom of all admin pages - once you're logged in - there is a link to add the DakBar. This will open in a new window and log you into the front of your site and any DaknoIDX solution you have attached to your site.
  • Within the content menu list. This is the most common location where you may need the DakBar, so we've added the link here as well to make it easier to add the bar when needed.
  • Interacting with a property organizer account. Clicking "Log in As" will automatically add the DakBar to your DaknoIDX solution so you can be sure you're logged in.

Previously we automatically showed this bar whenever you were logged into the admin panel. With recent browser changes that can prevent the DakBar from showing at all and privacy concerns we've moved to a policy to allow you to choose if the bar shows or not.

Removing the DakBar

Once you've enabled the DakBar on your website, it will be automatically removed when you log out. We recommend logging out if you've logged in on a computer that isn't yours, or if you share a computer.

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