Limited User Setup

The limited user level allows you to give specific permissions to users. You can allow them to Add, Edit, View, Delete, Reassign, or View All items in a section (options may vary from section to section). Sections not listed are available to all users.

  • Add - Allows a user to add an item to the specified section
  • Edit - Allows a user to edit an item in the specified section
  • View - Allows a user to view specific items in the specified section (typically ones assigned to them)
  • Delete - Allows a user to delete items in the specified section.
  • Reassign - Allows a user to reassign an item to another user.
  • View All - Allows a user to view all items in the specified section. If this is checked on the "My" line, it only allows the user to view items assigned to them.

Some section options say "My", like "My Property", or "My Contacts". These allow you to provide finer grain access to those sections. "My" refers to the currently logged in person. So if you provide access on the "My Property" line to an agent, when that agent logs in they'll be able to see the properties that are assigned to them.

Modify a Limited User's Permissions

  • Log into DaknoAdmin and click People under Settings
  • Click the white check box to the left of the agent you want to edit
  • Select manage account from the drop-down menu at the top of the page
  • Click Apply 


If you are on the Staff Profile page, you can click Manage Account in the top right corner of the page to get here as well. 


If you have DaknoIDX, you can also provide them access to manage your search by checking the box near the bottom of the page labeled Allow DaknoIDX Access.


Bob may need to be able to manage the people on your website, and perhaps maintain your business directory. But he may not need access to the properties. You'd check all the boxes in the people, business category, and business directory lines. When he logs in, he'll see he has access to those, but if he tries to access the property section, he'll receive an error message that states he does not have access.

Sandy needs to be able to edit her properties, but she should be able to see properties not assigned to her in the list. She should also be able to add properties, but only delete properties that are assigned to her. To give her access in this way:

  • On the Property line check: Add, View All
  • On the My Property line check: Edit, View, Delete, Reassign, View All

By not checking Edit or Delete on the Property line, Sandy can't edit or delete properties that are assigned to someone else.

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