Contacts: Lead Status

DaknoAdmin has eight statuses to help you quickly and easily categorize new leads, keep track of existing leads, and follow up with your leads. 

Status Descriptions

  • New —For leads that have recently been added to the system and have not yet been contacted or assessed. It’s important to reach out to these leads promptly to understand their needs and interests.
  • Qualify — This status indicates that further information is needed to accurately assess the lead's interest and potential. Engage with these leads to gather more details and assign them to the most suitable status based on their responses.
  • Monitor — "Cool" leads: These leads are not actively seeking a real estate transaction but could be potential clients in the future. Regularly check in and provide them with relevant information to stay top of mind. (The majority of your database will fall into this status)
  • Encourage — "Warm" leads: These individuals have shown interest in conducting a real estate transaction but may require additional motivation or information. Engage them with personalized communication to nurture their interest.
  • Pursue — "Hot" leads: These leads are actively interested and ready to engage in a real estate transaction. Prioritize communication and provide them with the necessary resources to facilitate their journey.
  • Junk — Leads that have successfully participated in a real estate transaction. Maintain a relationship with these clients for potential future transactions or referrals.
  • Converted —Leads that you converted into a client. Maintain a relationship with these clients for potential future transactions or referrals.
  • No Follow Up —Leads that have requested not to be contacted further. Respect their wishes while keeping their information on file should they choose to engage in the future.

Junk: They are not nor will they ever be capable of conducting a real estate transaction.

Updating Statuses

Lead statuses can be manually updated in the contact page or can be automatically upgraded with settings in the form manager.

Automatically Updating Statuses

After interacting with your website, new contacts will automatically be assigned as New.

New leads will be automatically changed to Qualify if you use the Email to Notes feature.

-> Learn more about Email to Notes.

Lead statuses can be automatically upgraded from a status with a lower level of interaction (such as "Monitor") to a status with a higher level of interaction (such as "Pursue") based on the person's recent activity on your website, such as saving a property.

-> Learn more about changing settings in the Form Manager.

Manually Updating Statuses

You may change the lead status on a contact's page with the Status drop-down menu in the Personal Information section.

-> Learn more about contacts.

Using Statuses in Contact Reminders

We recommend setting these follow-up timelines for these lead statuses:

  • New leads should be contacted as soon as possible, preferably within the first 30 minutes.
  • Qualify leads should be contacted every 2 days until you can update the status to Monitor, Encourage, Pursue, or Junk.
  • Monitor leads should be contacted every 60 days.
  • Encourage leads should be contacted every 10 days.
  • Pursue leads should be contacted within 3 days.

-> Learn more about setting up contact reminders.

Status Change Notifications

If a status on your contact is changed automatically by a form, or manually by someone other than yourself, you will receive an email notification.

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