Contacts: Import (CSV)

Have contacts you'd like to import from another system? You can easily import them into DaknoAdmin. 

Get Started

  1. Log into your DaknoAdmin account
  2. From the Activity Switcher, select Lead Management
  3. From the Left-Hand Menu, select Contacts
  4. On the top bar, select Import CSV.


Importing your CSV

  1. Locate or Create your CSV file for upload. See "Tips to Prepare Your CSV" below
  2. Press Choose File and navigate to where your CSV was saved.
  3. Press Upload.

Configuring Your Import

  1. After your upload completes, select the appropriate CRM field for each of your columns.
  2. If your CSV has a header row, be sure to check the box next to When importing, ignore the first row.
  3. Set a Default "Assign to" agent that these imported leads will be assigned to. Any client not assigned to an agent by the CSV will be assigned to this default instead.
  4. Select Import to complete the process of importing your contacts. They will appear in your contact list with a tag of the date they were imported to easily select them.




Tips to prepare your CSV

  • Many programs, such as Microsoft Excell, support exporting to CSV.
  • If you are on a Mac, export your file as CSV for Windows.
  • Each Note should be separated into its own column. Therefore, if a client has 5 notes, they should have 5 note columns
  • Each tag can have its own column or you can list all of your tags in a single column, separated by commas
  • You can set a default agent for your imported listings to be assigned to.
    • If you assign a column to "Assign To (email)," you can override the default agent. This will allow you to assign clients to multiple agents from a single CSV
  • Sometimes even after doing everything right the CSV still doesn't work. Please contact us, we'll help get it saved right so you can import your contacts.
  • The data that can be imported is:
    • Title
    • Full Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Suffix
    • Email
    • Home Phone
    • Work Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Address
    • Address Line 2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Assign To (email)
    • Tags
    • Note
    • Quick Info


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