Forms: General Settings

The Settings Menu allows you to setup your general form settings. This includes:

  • Email Display Name (From Name)
  • Reply-To Address
  • Digest Options
  • Lead Email Setup
  • Email Marketing

From Name & Reply-To

All form auto-replies will be sent out with a generic Display Name and Reply-To address. These can be set under the Form Email Settings header on the Settings page.

Form reply settings

Daily Digest Options

If you have set up a lot of reminders, you may want to enable the digest settings. Instead of receiving a lot of emails a day, you can receive a single email with all your reminders at once.

The Daily Digest options are under General Sites Settings on the Settings page. There you can enable or disable the Daily Digest and select the hour that it will be sent.

Daily digest settings

Lead Email Setup

Here you can generate Lead Emails to integrate leads from third party services such as Zillow or Read more information about this feature.

Email Marketing

The fields under the Email Marketing header are all required. If you'd like to utilize Email Marketing from within DaknoAdmin you can complete the setup from the Settings page. Read more about this feature and how to set it up.

Advanced Settings

The emails we send are sent from a no-reply email address. If you'd like further control over that email address you can add SMTP settings. We don't recommend this unless you are comfortable with those values - if they are incorrect they will prevent emails from being sent from your website (auto-replies, etc).

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